Friday, 29 August 2014


I just happen to have an actual sombrero on my desk.  So when I spotted a mini one on a colleague's desk, and was promptly given it, I was able to take measurements and ascertain that this cute little mini is a perfect 1/12th scale.  Score!  Of course, I will remove that staple, and drape the serape somewhere.  This will go into the attic of a well travelled person.

Monday, 25 August 2014

British Museum - goodies for The Collector's room-box

I found some little treasures at the British Museum last year.  I want to make a large-ish room-box based on the type of room that the BM was itself based on ie a gentleman-collector's room full of curiosities.  I thought some or all of these little things would make the core of a suitable collection.

These are Roman style perfume bottles, hand blown in Turkey.

These are miniatures of Roman amphorae, hand potted in Italy.

And these are self-explanatory.  I am hoping to make the kind of room-box I see on various sites, with rich furnishings, and shelving like I saw at the BM, tall floor to ceiling shelves and display cabinets, with the metal figures at the top of the shelves, or maybe on tall columns around the room, and drawers with hidden goodies in them.

Friday, 22 August 2014

1/12th scale display table

I work in an office, and people get business cards in little plastic boxes that have always looked useful to me!  I felt that they would be a nice display table cover, and I went around the office nagging people into handing over the lids.  Just the lids, I didnt feel the need for the bottoms as well, although I did garner a few, will have to think what to do with them.

For a change, I am making this from scratch by my own self, not from a kit.  I am going to give a workshop for it, which is making me a touch nervous.  Still, it is a simple enough version.  Famous last words!

So, I first cut base piece, side pieces, and glued together:

I also cut a slightly smaller rectangle to glue into the middle of the box base.  I thought a raised bit in the middle would disguise the rim of the perspex box.  I will cover that piece with some flocked scrapbook paper, or similar stuff.

Then I added the legs into the corners.  I have been sending off around the world for legs from anywhere that had them, thanks Judy!

Next, I made a mitred frame for the top, with pieces glued around the edges to hold it in place, without the need for hinges or suchlike.

That gives a bit of trim on the outside when in place.

The next thing is to stick in the lining paper, and the little objets d'art to display.  I have also sent off for shells, and have some of my own from when I lived in Africa, including the world's tiniest sea-urchin shells.  I'll post the pictures for that next week.

This could also be used to display any collection of little treasures, of course.  I am looking forward to seeing what other people decide to do, although I will put shells in with the kit for the workshop.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

1/12th scale Quilt shop

Quilt shop, 1/12th scale.  Roombox made from 4 8" by 10" photo frames.  Two little quilts made for the "shop-window" sides.

More to follow...

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Victorian photo album 1/12th scale

At minis retreat in January 2013, I attended a workshop for a Victorian photograph album.  I am totally thrilled with it, it is so little and so real, with a lot of pages, and a lovely cover.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Quick and dirty planters

A very undemanding plant inna pot. The pot came from Amsterdam, from a weird shop that sold odd things, including liquorice root, bundles of herbs, a strange selection of pots and buckets and too many things to mention, but nothing that suggested a theme.  Amongst all the oddities was a bundle of little wooden kitchen implements, this little tub was one of them.  I wish I'd bought more of them.  I dismantled a sprig of plastic plant from the $2 shop, and the red bits are from a plastic aquarium plant, and a dollop of glue in a toothpaste tube top, which was wedged into the little wooden tub, and then the plastic greenery pressed into the glue.  They are not anatomically correct, so to speak, but I then did a whole lot of them into tiny terracotta pots, smaller than this tub, and they look nice on the verandah of the kiwiana villa.  Picture coming soon.  Sometime.  I promise.
Oh yes, one of the things in the shop was a musical Christmas tree ornament, that springs open to show a tiny train-set going round and round.  Like I said, weird selection...

Topiary tree in a pot

At my club, NSM, we are encouraged to give our own workshops, and I started simply, with an easy but effective 1/12th scale topiary.  I wanted some for the front deck (porch) of my kiwiana villa, and thought they couldnt be too hard!  The main problem is getting the green scattery stuff, it was hard to find in NZ.  I need more, if I am to give the workshop again.  Anyway, here it is.  In the end, I found teeny-weeny terracotta plant pots the same size as this blue one, at the local garden nursery.  They were perfect, once I had spent a week getting the label glue off them...

Polystyrene balls, stuck onto wooden skewers, and painted with tacky glue with green paint mixed in.  Covered with the mixed green railway-type scatter stuff, and left to dry.  Then threaded onto a skewer that is painted brown, and then stuck into the pot, with dabs of glue to hold everything in place.  Abracadabra!

1/12th scale pedlar's wagon

Another clever person is Jean, and here is the pedlar wagon I have made from her workshop.  It needs to be filled up with goodies, and I am collecting together all the little things and will post the finished article soon.  Sometime.  I promise.

I have started getting together all the goodies.  Here are some tiny groceries, made by Loretta at our minis club.  I can barely see them let alone make them, so I just buy hers, and they are wonderful!

Glitter village with lights

I love glitter houses, but I have trouble with the really tiny ones, my fingers are too fat.  I managed to put together this village, a bit bigger than the ones I really like, but it is sparkly, and looked nice all lit up at Christmas last year. 

This is a terrible picture, but the only one I could find of the construction of one of the houses:

Needs a skater on the pond, I will look out for one.  And some snowmen.  Coming up.  Sometime.

1/12th scale Hall-stand with linen

This is another kit-set from Alie.  It was easy to make up, and I have put a few bundles of linen on for this photo, but it will go into my kiwiana villa, in the hall, and then I will have made umbrellas for it, and various bits of tat that should collect on it in a real home!

1/12th scale park bench

In my minis club, North Shore Minis, we have very talented people.  Alie is one, and she does perfect kits.  Here is the 1/12th scale park bench I made in a workshop.  I plan to use it in front of a kiwiana-style villa dollhouse.  Eventually.  I promise.

Mini measuring spoons

I love browsing to find clever things that other people have kindly shared.  One such was a set of mini spoons, that looked so good and were so easy to do, so I did them!  Here they are:
They were from studioeminiatures blog.  Clever things there.

Tiny chinese pottery bonsai accessories

My, doesn't time get away from one!  Well, I have made a few more things, and found a few little gems hither and yon.  Take a look at what I found in a dusty, unlikely-looking, Chinese hardware shop.  These are apparently designed to accessorise bonsai trees, to sit under wee trees and make the mini garden look even more miniature.  I bought a few bits and bobs, and will go back for more when I have time, I was in a rush that day.