Monday, 17 November 2014

Post-Bon Appetit Washing Up

For the NZAME conventions, all the minis clubs make goodies for the goody bags.  It's so much fun to receive a bag, FULL of wonderful miniatures, as you register!  Our Club made kitchen implements for the Nelson 2014 Convention.  The theme being Bon Appetit, we thought there would be plenty of washing up afterwards, so we created dish-wash sponge and bottle brush sets, on a handy hanging rail, in 1/12th scale.  The design and materials were provided by Alie, and once we had made 9, we made the 10th one to keep for ourselves.

I have a 1/12th scale kitchen, and it seems as though it is never quite finished, there is always room for more, however full it seems.  This washing-up set has gone into the kitchen, and looks perfect. 

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