Thursday, 13 November 2014

NZAME Convention workshop : gold leaf demi-lune table

It's difficult to say which was my favourite workshop, but this one was able to be completed in the morning workshop, and that's smashing.  It wasnt difficult, but we certainly learned some useful stuff, and since I am planning to give a workshop of my own using gold-leafing, it was fortuitous to be able to actually try it out!

Materials provided included the table, gold leaf, and the goop to stick it with, and the makings of the little accessories.  I particularly like the lipsticks!  Teensy Weensy!

We painted the table with the goop, and let it dry.  Then we laid the gold leaf on, and brushed it fairly firmly with a soft brush.  Gold leaf is very thin and filmy, and has a mind of its own.  It sticks everywhere the goop is, and flakes and spreads itself over everything else with a meter.  I even inhaled some.

The mirror needed to be glued with special glue that doesnt remove the mirrored backing, I need to get me some of that for the future.  The little vase is 2 jewellery findings, held in place with a pin while the glue dries, then the flowers added.  I dont like how I've done the cardboard stand at the back of the mirror, so I might cut that off and replace it.  Or not.  Anyway, here it is, and the extra table I bought, so as to make a pair.  I am planning to use them in a Lady's Boudoir.  Watch this space.

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