Thursday, 13 November 2014

NZAME Nelson convention over Labour weekend October 2014

The weather was perfect.  The Convention was most satisfying!  I did four workshops, on the Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.  Also, I bought several of the round-table kits offered on Monday morning.  And I have finished everything!  Howzat?!?!  This has never happened before, I can tell you.  We went mob-handed from North Shore Minis, and looked wonderful at the Convention dinner, in our guise as a Club Sandwich.  I was Lettuce And Pickle, With Herbs And Spices.  Here we are:

Dont we look smart?  in case you didnt know, we are Beetroot, Cheese, Lettuce And Pickle, Banana, Bacon, Tomato, and Scrambled Egg.  Also Sliced Boiled Egg, Ham, Asparagus Roll and A Chili Pepper.

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