Friday, 9 January 2015

Rotating knives? Nelson Convention 2014

One of the workshops I completed is this wonderful rotating kitchen, c/w knives.  The kit came with a whole box of lovely goodies to fill up the shelves etc, and when I got home, I found a few more!

Note the tiny little ornament of a Spanish flamenco dancer.  My dad brought me home a similar one, tho much bigger of course, dressed in yellow satin, when I was a little girl, so I put the yellow tiny one into this kitchen.  I bought a box of 6 (count them, six!) from a railway modelling shop in Spain the year before last.

The tiny little house on the shelf near the Spanish dancer is a paper printie found online, sorry, I cant remember where from.

The little picture in a frame, over the doorway, is a sticker from a Japanese gift shop.

The skull on the windowsill is a bead, thought I'd weird things up a wee bit...

The little box of Perlas baby potatoes, on the floor by the chair, is a popular brand in New Zealand, and came in the goodie bag at the Convention, thank you very much!  We had Perlas with the Xmas turkey, as usual.  There's another box tucked away on the bottom shelf of the counter.

The little white kitten is one of those silicon rubber toys, I found that one in Smith & Caughey.  The cat food box and the food dish came from Thailand, brought back by my friend Fiona, and cheap as chips, apparently, from a market stall of miniatures to die for.

The conch-type shell was from a packet full that I bought to use in the display table workshop.

The little wooden jar on the shelf over the window sill was in a box of "junk" stuff at Convention, rifle through the box and fill a scoop for a dollar.  Bargain!  I got lots of Goodies in that, Lauren and Tania will see, so they will.

The mug of wooden cooking utensils, on the windowsill, were in the goodie bag from the Dunedin Convention in 2012.  The mug looks like the cap of a felt tip pen to me.  One person's rubbish is another person's treasure, isn't that right, Simone?

On the porch side, the gumboots have since been nicked and used in the Christmas Potting Shed, so I will need to find some more.  I went looking for Barbie shoe and boot sets, I used to see them in the toy shops, but I couldn't find any when I went to look.  Ho hum...

PS see the birds nest over the window on the verandah?  Hee hee!